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The IP Video Systems Difference

IP Video Systems focuses exclusively on providing rich collaborative experiences to its customers. With the hardware and software we design and manufacture, global enterprises can share the highest resolution video and graphics sources available using their existing data networks. And since data review and analysis can be as important as real-time collaboration, we also offer scalable solutions to record, synchronize, playback and bookmark all streams no matter where they are generated or reproduced.

The company provides solutions and support on a worldwide basis and serve medical, simulation, defense, space, oil & gas and many other markets. Among our unique offerings are


Specially architected encoders and decoders that stream the highest resolution video and graphics data with minimal latency
Recording technology capable of synchronously archiving fifty simultaneous high-resolution networked streams in small servers
Powerful collaboration software including multi-stream players, secure access control and open, programmable user interfaces
Advanced capabilities including active 3D stereo streaming and tools to provide attractive stream layout and picture-in-picture options
Our products facilitate global decision-making, enable efficient training and help create a rich, shared visual environment for enterprises and government agencies.