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Synchronous Recording & Playback  
Up To 50 Live &
Recorded Streams
Unsurpassed flexibility and scalability for limitless storage,
importing and archiving media files
Frame Synchronous Recording and Playback: Up to 50 simultaneous High-Definition and Ultra High-Definition streams
Advanced Media Routing to bridge/route streams across various network topologies
Trans-Profiling to optimize media streams to suit network bandwidth constraint
Easy-to-use DVR functionality for live and recorded playback control; skip back/forward, pause, resume, catch up
View live or recorded streams in simultaneous sessions with independent time-shift control
Best for small deployments
Dual function DMS/MS enables users to record, playback streams and manage entities using a single device
500 GB internal HDD
25 or 75 Mbps maximum aggregate bandwidth
DMS100 / DMS200
Best for mid-sized deployments
500 GB / 2 TB hot swappable HDD
RAID 1 / RAID 10
50 or 250 Mbps maximum aggregate bandwidth
DMS1500 / DMS1600 / DMS1700
Used in large scale deployments
4 TB / 6 TB / 12 TB Hot swappable HDD
NAS gateway for permanent enterprise storage and unlimited scalability
250 to 500 Mbps maximum aggregate bandwidth