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Intuitive Multi-Stream Clients  
3 Easy-to-Use Interfaces for
Various Network Deployments
Real-time entity presence and
synched stream player
Single-Click Connection: Dynamically create and control sessions for varied applications
Multi-Codec decoder allow users to view H.264, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, V2D streams
Take seamless command of up to 16 desktops on a single screen from remote locations
on the network
Desktop Client
Sessions are easily started, created, and controlled (source switching, bookmarking, DVR controls)
Multifacited functionality for various deployment scenarios: on-the-fly video switching, large-scale simulations, interactive session
Manipulate position, size and resolution of Windows and Picture-in-Picture layout from remote locations
Web Controller
Zero installation required and
on-the-fly video switching
Window/PiP Placement: Remote window & layout manipulation for Rx and the ROC
Works with any Operating System
Remote Operated Client (ROC)
Position, size and layer hierarchy can be controlled from a computer in a remote location
Can be controlled by IPVS Desktop Client, Web-Based Controller or API-based 3rd party controller
Client loads automatically on startup