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IP Video Systems is the leader in providing best-in-class hardware and software technologies for real-time, telecollaboration, ultra high-definition video streaming, recording and device management over IP networks.

V2D (Video-to-Data) encoders and decoders were designed to ensure the highest quality visual experience for global collaborators sharing any data network without regard to their allocated bandwidth. Whether the specific application relates to simulation, training, testing or real-time resource sharing, global collaborators can exploit a host of unique V2D features to enhance their productivity:
Visually lossless distribution of 5+ megapixel (3840x1200) video and graphics sources, guaranteeing an upgrade-free streaming environment for years to come
Minimal latency during point-to-point and point-to-multipoint collaboration, combining video, graphics, active 3D stereo, audio, metadata and assignable keyboard/mouse control allows full interactive collaboration
Artifact-free compression ensuring full and accurate color representation from the original source to the end-user screen
Advanced, user-configurable mechanisms adjust compression and frame-rate to optimize the user experience for all collaborators
An advanced codec implementation mitigates packet loss while minimizing network latency and jitter
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For maximum flexibility and affordability it is often advantageous to install software players to perform the decoding function typically assumed by the V2D appliance. To this end, we offer a powerful software player which presets multiple streams of any protocol within a single, configurable skin. Our high performance MSC is limited only by the computing attributes of the host PC or work station. For example, it is possible:
For users to decode 5+ Megapixels video and graphics streams with a quality sometimes approaching the V2D appliance
To view 16 synchronous streams from multiple sources, in a single skin with full DVR control
For the multi-codec MSC to allow users to view H.264, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and V2D streams at the same time
To manipulate position, size and resolution of windows and Picture-in-Picture layout from remote locations
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The DMS is a compact, versatile platform performing key archival and stream distribution tasks. The DMS is first a multi-stream synchronous network recorder and playback appliance capable of archiving dozens of simultaneous 5+ megapixel video and graphics streams and standards-based streams along with audio and metadata. Its second vital role is that of a stream distribution and relay node on the network. In this function the DMS converts any unicast stream to a multicast stream (and vice-versa) and adjusts the bandwidth of outgoing streams to accommodate the network constraints of collaboration endpoints. Its performance features include:
Frame accurate and synchronous recording/playback of up to 50 simultaneous HD/UHD streams on a single appliance, extending to multiple distributed devices for unlimited scalability
Multi-protocol compatibility integrating 3rd party streaming protocols (MPEG, H.264, UDP, etc.) with the high-performance V2D protocol
Media bookmarking allow users to mark key events, thus simplifying timeline search during playback and review
Advanced media routing and optimization for distributing streams across various networks and managing network bandwidth constraints
NAS support permitting unlimited storage expansion
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End users, IT professionals, administrators and system integrators can easily manage individual or group media content by type, location or user-defined criteria using a powerful, intuitive management platform.
The MS provides:

Policy-based access control enabling administrators to control access to media and sources per-user, per-device
Advanced routing setup for different connections type, specific assets, location or content
Rapid, efficient system configuration using a standard or customizable UI both equipped with system tools and setup wizards to provision and control all network devices, media streams and connectivity from a single screen
A fully supported Application Programming Interface (API) helping create custom controllers for smooth workflow integration
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