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To usher in 2012, IP Video Systems is offering an aggressive incentive plan to help our customers upgrade their collaboration environments through a one-for-one trade-in program:
Replace one end-of-life V2D-I50 Tx/Rx and receive either a V2D XP100 or V2D XP200 provided at an unprecedented discount.
Promotion details:
IP Video Systems must receive a V2D-I50 for each V2D XP100 (or V2D XP 200) refit, or a statement of non-use with reference to the system serial number for those secure facilities where it's not possible to remove the asset.
V2D XP100's or V2D XP 200's will be shipped with Software Version 3.x in Standalone Mode
(This version is compatible with IP Video Systems new 3.x Release in Managed Mode.)
The 3.x standalone version is not compatible with the older 2.x IMS Management System. For customers in 2.x environments, IP Video Systems can provide a migration path that encourages the upgrade of your installed base to the new feature-rich 3.x management platform.
IP Video Systems is a leading provider of hardware and software technologies for real-time telecollaboration, ultra high-definition video streaming, multistream synchronous recording and enterprise stream management over IP networks.

The IP Video Systems V2D I50 Tx (encoder) and V2D I50 Rx (decoder) started shipping in 2004 and became a collaboration standard in environments where high-resolution video encoding and decoding over IP networks at low network bandwidth and low latency were essential.

After reaching a milestone of nearly 1000 units shipped, the V2D-I50 end-of-life was announced in late 2010 and IPVS announced the release of its next generation encoding/decoding platform-the V2D XP100 joining the V2D XP 200 as part of the V2D XP series.

The V2D XP100 is a small form factor, single channel encoder/decoder (programmable as either in software) with enhanced performance specifications including 5+ megapixel encoding/decoding, video loop-through, dual Ethernet ports and up to 40 Mbps configurable bit rate. For more demanding applications requiring higher bit-rate support, IPVS offers the V2D XP200. The V2D XP100 is active 3D-stereo enabled like the rest of the V2D product line.