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Sharing, Distributing and Controlling High-Resolution Video and Graphics in Real Time Over a Data Network
Local and global distribution of ultra-high definition video and graphics data is a core requirement for many enterprises and agencies. Proper deployment ensures every team member sees the same high-resolution data at the same time with seamless interaction, no noticeable latency and uncompromised visual quality. Optimizing visual experience is based on network conditions and requires special care, focus, unique appliances and management systems.


With this simple and elegant network architecture and IP Video Systems hardware and software, a networked group of collaborators can realize goals never before possible:

Any ultra high-definition source is made available for display and analysis to one or many colleagues or partners
in real-time
Each network user can control source content from any remote site via a low latency keyboard/mouse interface
Secure access to video and graphics streams and resources can be controlled by strict programmable rules
Remote users with limited network access can enjoy video and graphics with the same resolution as users on a high-speed LAN
Users or administrators can decide to record any or all streaming content – synchronously for later playback
or review


IP Video Systems has deployed this collaboration scenario to a wide range of clients in major
commercial markets:

Defense: networked situational awareness, real-time test and exercise analysis
Oil and Gas: collaborative 3D seismic analysis, offshore and remote operations and monitoring
And many new collaboration opportunities are emerging in:
9-1-1 Operations: multi-site emergency management
Film and Animation: HD network distribution of dailies, animation and collaborative editing
Engineering and Architecture: collaborative 3D CAD/CAM design
Simulation and Live Events Product Suite
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