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Enhancing the Global Training Environment
The ability to provide comprehensive, high quality mission-specific training often spells the difference between mission failure and success. From the instructor's console to the student's station, next generation training environments require the latest in visual collaboration technology, encompassing support for high-definition video (and audio) streaming , frame accurate session playback and easy to use and customizable interfaces. IP Video Systems' products provide the functionality for converting, distributing and recording audio, video and data streams in any network environment, with special sensitivity to the bandwidth constrains of all participants.


Distribution of live or recorded visual training and procedures in real-time, with HD and ultra HD resolutions, provides an institution the flexibility to reach a global audience from anywhere and at anytime. IP Video Systems provides high-quality collaborations solutions to fit your training environment:

Ultra high-definition video/audio streams can be viewed by multiple users in the network in real-time and with pixel accurate precision
Each network user can control source content from any remote site via a low latency keyboard/mouse interface
Remote teams with limited network access can join training sessions enjoying same resolution as users on a high-speed LAN
Users or administrators can decide to record any or all streaming content – synchronously – for later playback
or review


IP Video Systems has deployed and supported many industry leading solutions for advanced
training scenarios:

Interventional and Surgical Procedures: Real-time cardiovascular interventions can be shared and recorded on a global network for training and digital archival of cases studies
Stereographic, HD surgical images streamed from the operating room to consulting physicians and students
Education, especially HD lecture archiving and distribution
Training Product Suite
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Multi-Stream Client DMS1500 / DMS1600 / DMS1700 MS100