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Dynamic Video and Graphics Sharing Using High-Speed Encoding Over a Switched IP-Routed Network
Enterprises and agencies engaged in advanced space & missile launches or battlefield gaming often have the need to switch hundreds of HD video/audio streams to instantly share with team members. Using the IP network rather than dense, dedicated video matrix switches as the switch platform offers vast simplifying advantages. In addition to a more streamlined infrastructure, switched video IP networks allow for high quality native stream recording and the ready extension of visual collaboration from the LAN to the WAN.


IP network video switching has proven its worth in many challenging deployments where multiple users switch from hundreds of sources to hundreds of destinations in real time. By exploiting accelerated hardware-based encoding and decoding with high speed LANs, mission control engineers and contingency planners satisfy their mission needs with unprecedented efficiency.


The advantages of IP Video Systems' IP network video switching solution include:

An assurance that degradation of video quality will NOT occur
Seamless switching of analog and digital video on both the source and destination sides
Unlimited expansion capability, through the scaling of systems and their geographical distribution
Minimizing installation complexity and cable management
Increased ease of maintenance and site management (e.g. access control)
Dynamic bandwidth adaptation allows users to switch between local or remote audio video and data streams
Picture-in-picture ("remote on local") and full windowing multi-stream view capabilities


IP Video Systems has deployed and supported many industry leading solutions for advanced IP network-enabled video switching:

Space & Missile: Space agencies deliver key launch data and video to and from any operator workstation during mission planning and control
Virtual War gaming: Opposing teams can test countless "what-if" scenarios by sharing real-time computer-generated graphics data over their existing IP network
Switched IP-Routed Network Product Suite
XP100 XP220 DMS1500 / DMS1600 DMS1700 MS100