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NEW Product Release
3.10 Software Release

IP Video System‟s Version 3.10 architecture is a revolutionary approach to the management and control of rich video, audio, and data streams; as the backbone of IP Video Systems‟ industry leading TeleCollaboration solution, Version 3.10 provides major advancements in simplicity, security, and scalability.


Major Bug Fixes:

- Support for multiple network interfaces on Media Clients


- Support for Media Clients over VPN


- Support for Standalone multicast connections to a combination of 2.x and 3.x systems


Key Features:

- Default Policies and Profiles: quickly set up open environments with lessconfiguration


- Quick software upgrade of all devices in your environment


- Convenient Windowing Shortcuts: edit/preconfigure any compatible destination


- Search widget for Recorded Media in the Client UI Media List


- Keyboard & Mouse support on the Unmanned Client for remote application control


- Reverse Audio support for Standalone connections


- Rx Chromakey support for image compositing


- Ability to mulit-select Users, Devices, and Media Files in the Admin UI


The IPVS Road Show is on the move! Thursday October 13, 2011
Morton's at Tysons Corner, 8075 Leesburg Pike, Vienna, Virginia 22182

Thank you to all that made it out to this fantastic lunch event! If you were not able to attend and want information on how to obtain a summary of the presentation, please contact us at:



InfoComm 2011, June 15-17 in Orlando, Florida (Booth #1579)

Thank you for visiting our booth this year at InfoComm! View Photos of the Show



We received a very enthusiastic reception for our new OneRoom series (ORB500) TeleCollaboration products.


OneRoom is built on the core principle of making information available to every meeting participant wherever, whenever it's demanded.


OneRoom Highlights - "Looking at each other is not enough":


- COLLABORATE visually on technical issues with global teams


- SHARE rich enterprise computer data anywhere, anytime


- IMPROVE efficiency, training, design and discovery


Stay tuned for regular updates leading towards the commercial release of OneRoom in October 2011!


Contact us for more information about OneRoom 1.408.400.4200

Product Release
3.x Authoring Tool

Users of IP Video Systems' Digital Media Server now have the ability to export high-fidelity archived content to any portable media for high-definition, multi-stream playback.


Key product features include:

- The IPVS multi-codec Media Player is packaged alongside your recorded content

- Customizable interface and media output for corporate branding

- Easy-to-use GUI to quickly create and/or modify media projects



Contact us for more information regarding this new product.

IPVS in the April 2011 Issue of Special Operations Technology Magazine

Some elements of training have changed little over many years, such as showing recruits how to take cover and shoot.


At one time, for example, basic training at Fort Dix, N.J., included crawling under barbed wire with machine-gun rounds whizzing overhead, or charging at "enemy" dummies and bayonetting them, then giving them a hard slam to the teeth with a rifle butt.


But other elements of training have seen transformational change, such as video systems that now can present combatants with shifting scenarios, realistic action and even 3-D. Trainees can gain highly realistic experience from videos, tailored to the threat situation they will have to face in combat.


IP Video Systems


For example, IP Video Systems enables "very high-resolution, high-quality images of the simulation environment to be streamed and shared over global IP data networks," Claude Sandroff, vice president of sales, said in an interview.


"We provide a higher quality visual experience at higher resolutions, utilizing less network bandwidth than is typically possible with JPEG or MPEG compression," he said. IP Video Systems is also able to capture swiftly-changing scenes well, such as the view from a fast-moving aircraft. And IP Video can transport images to trainees with extremely low latency.


"We really focus on very high resolution—5 megapixels and beyond," Sandroff said, and "very fast processing so that global collaborators and participants can view exactly the same image at the same time from any or multiple locations."


What is learned in the video training sessions is driven home by after action review sessions in which trainees are debriefed, he continued. Any mistakes made by a trainee can be captured and reviewed with the trainee, perhaps showing the trainee how another person in training responded properly to the sim.


The system involves a combination of hardware and software, Sandroff explained. If video is being remotely recorded in a training session in one location, video of training at another location can be recorded on the same central server. Or software can be loaded onto a local military unit's PC, so that people may become part of either the live session or the recorded session.


For example, if there are multiple trainees sitting before multiple screens, the system can track the actions of each trainee. Any video that planners decide to place on the network can be streamed for any secure party to view either during the training session or at a convenient later time, Sandroff said. Different scenarios can play out, depending on the trainee's response to the video streaming onscreen, he added.


Read or download the SOTECH magazing (PDF)

What's new?
3.8 Software Release

Our Version 3.8 architecture is a revolutionary approach to the management and control of rich video, audio and data streams. Version 3.8 provides major advancements in simplicity, security and scalability.


Some key features include:


- Management System redundancy provides reliability and backup for your 3.x environment
- Enhanced Windowing API for off-site control of Remote Operated Clients
- Dynamic 4:4:4 for rich and deep color representation
- Added panels for quick channel changing in Single Video Mode
- Authenticated FTP of database backup



  Contact an IPVS sales specialist for more information
I/ITSEC 2010: Orlando, Florida (11/30/10 - 12/03/10)

Thank you for visiting IP Video Systems and our partners at I/ITSEC 2010! (View Photos)


It was another spectacular I/ITSEC event in Orlando, FL. There was a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and energy on the trade show floor and we are pleased many of you took time to see and hear about our products and solutions.


We featured a number of new advances in our Enhanced Mission Record & Review Systems (EMRRS) platform, used in the Air Force, Navy and Army programs and by defense systems integrators around the globe.


Click HERE to learn more about EMRRS.

I/ITSEC 2009: Orlando, Florida (11/30/09 - 12/03/09)

Train to Fight - Fight to Win. (I/ITSEC 2009 Photo Gallery)


IP Video Systems products drives UltraHD video wall with 4 Planar 46" 1920x 1080p LCD Displays. Featuring multiple TXs capturing 1920x1200 real-time video from Zedasoft Flight Simulator, OTW, Cockpit, Instrument Panel and Plexsys ASCOT radar screens.


IP Video Systems along with Plexsys was at the I/ITSEC 2009 conference in Orlando, Florida. Our demo this year featured Enhanced Mission Record and Review Systems running on the latest Version 3.x software update. Remote Desktop Collaboration Station featured a 3840 x 1200 ultraHD resolution desktop sharing, remote keyboard mouse control. graphics overlay, chroma key, and annotation using IP Video System's XP200 Rxs.


The multi-station demo showed the latest hardware and software from IP Video Systems for Distributed Mission Operation (DMO) with Mission Observation Command and Control Video Wall, Remote Collaboration Station and Instructors Observation Station (IOS).



IP Video Systems DMS recording used in Chrisite's Latest Microtiles video display wall at I/ITSEC 2009. (View photos)


IP Video Systems' DMS1500 was used to drive the dual 1920x1200 video wall at the Chrisitie's booth. The DMS Flight Simulator training video recordings were used to display real-time synchronized images of the Zedasoft jet fighter simulators's out the windows (OTW) and instrument panel display at full resolution.


The latest mictrotiles used to build the high resolution display wall demonstrated IP Video Systems' Digital Media Servers (DMS) multi-stream synchronized playback capabilities.

SEG 2009: Houston, Texas (10/25/09 - 10/28/09)

Explore to the Core - IP Video Systems XP200 and DMS 200 products drives GeoCAP software and live video at SEG Expo. (View Photos)


IP Video Systems collaborated with GeoCAP software and demonstrated transporting, recording and playback or 1920x1200 real-time desktop graphics and video with remote desktop application control. SEG Visitors could do a side by side comparison of real-time workstation class graphics sharing over IP networks. The booth featured the latest Wolfvision eye-12 HD camera to do video overlay on a second channel.

InfoComm 2009: Orlando, Florida (06/17/09 - 06/19/09)

The Power of AV at infoComm09 IP Video Systems XP200 and DMS 1500 products drives ultraHD Video.


IP Video Systems XP200 featured in several display demos:

XP200 was used to drive a 3840x1200 image across four blended Christie Projectors. The combined 2 times 1920x1200 image was fed into Vista Spyder product to display on a 28ft wide screen - with a native 4 megapixel image
Second Demo consisted of two demo projectors blended and played back DMS recordings from Flight Simulator training showing Out of Window, Radar, Instrument panel and Cockpit view
Red Camera showreel configured for a portrait mode 1080x1920 was driven from an IPVS recording to a vertical 90 degree rotated screen/projector setup
I/ITSEC 2008: Orlando, Florida (November 2008)

IP Video Systems XP200 and DMS1500 products featured Live Recording and Mission Briefing Demos in MTC, Flight Simulation and Training environment. (View Photos)


IP Video Systems along with partners PLEXSYS Interface Product and Zedasoft, gave a live demo of Enhanced Mission Record and Review System (EMRRS) demonstrating multi-stream video, audio, graphics, and data (DIS) capture and transport over IP networks in an MTC training environment.

June 28, 2008: Hospital unveils new heart machine

IP Video Systems' V2D and DMS products featured in Stereotaxis Odyssey Platform


A new machine at an Austin hospital is helping surgeons save lives, without getting their hands dirty. The Heart Hospital of Austin said it's the only hospital in Texas with the machine. It's called the Stereotaxis Odyssey, and it's used to help treat heart rhythm disorders. The Odyssey works with another system to allow doctors to view and operate remotely.